Thank you very much for the wishes of the US Ambassador in Poland on the occasion of the Constitution of May 3, but what about the act 447 breaking the law both Polish and American?

We love all people, but our patience is ending, that’s why I am asking the US Ambassador for a consultation with the President of the USA, because certainly as a result of error and inattention the President of the USA signed act 447. Nobody believes that the President of the United States deliberately broke the law and works against Poland.To make mistakes is a human thing, but to fix them is a glorious thing. This error should be repaired immediately. Thank you for everything in advance.

Poles respect all people and their different stories, it happens that even those that have nothing to do with the truth. Therefore, we expect other nations to respect Poland and its tragic history related to the Holocaust. Today, in the light of the unjustified claims of Jews towards Poland, there is a need for a statement representing the position in this matter.

No – for the claims of Jewish organizations that have nothing to do with the victims of World War II, but only they parasitize on this tragedyin.

I thank Israel for the memory of the Holocaust, but a small correction is necessary – hundreds of thousands of victims murdered by the Germans in the Auschwitz camp are Poles, Poles of Jewish origin and people of other nationalities.

This camp was built on the territory of Poland by the Germans who occupied Poland during World War II. From the first day of the war – September 1, 1939 – the Poles resisted the German occupant, which can not be said of all the Jews who lived in Poland at that time. When on September 17, 1939, Poland was attacked on the other side from the east by the Soviet army – it was a blow to the back. A significant part of the Jewish population living in the eastern territories of Poland welcomed the Soviet occupiers and the Polish enemy with flowers and reported on the Poles. The Soviets, as a result of cooperation of Jews, murdered over 500,000 civilian Polish population – mainly the elite of the Polish nation – among others Katyń was one of the places of the killing of the Polish elite.

The Poles immediately organized guerrilla detachments and fought both with the Soviet occupiers in the east and with the German occupiers in western Poland. Our allies – France and the United Kingdom did not give any help to Poland – they betrayed us. People were shot on the streets, the occupant treated people worse than animals. German and Soviet occupiers raped, murdered and deported Poles to Siberia and to concentration camps, and the west, despite everything knew, was silent. It was only when Hitler got to them that they joined the war.

In the first years of the war, Jews cooperated with both the Soviets and Germans – of course not all. The Jews, in cooperation with the Germans, created the Judenrats and the Jewish police, as well as the Jewish Gestapo – they gladly transferred their own to the ghettos organized by themselves under the supervision of the Germans. It can be said that Jews gave Jews a terrible fate.

Poles, despite the threat of death, saved and hid Jews, Jewish children. Many Jews survived thanks to Poles – for example, the great film director Roman Polanski, former Israeli ambassador to Poland, Szewach Weiss, and many others. Many Polish families lost their lives for helping Jews, such as the Ulma family. The Germans were ruthless, they murdered everyone – old people, women and children. Poland suffered the most because of the largest number of Jews in Poland before the war. There were as many as three million here. No country in Europe wanted Jews, only Poland accepted them. They could live in Poland peacefully and they could develop, but today we see their ingratitude towards Poland. Israel is demanding compensation from Poland today.

Everyone knows that during the Holocaust of European nations, Israel did not exist, and Poland during the war was completely destroyed, because The American Jews financed the fuel for Hitler’s bombers and produced for him a cyclone B, which was used to gas people in the death chambers at Auschwitz.

Nevertheless, this year’s speech of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, I think it was out of place, because the greatest anti-Semitism of today occurs in Israel, which has been carrying the Holocaust of Palestinians for over 70 years, and the world is silent, just as it was when Hitler was burning Poland.

Today, Israel may initiate World War III with its behavior, raising its youth in hatred of other nations of the world and inciting the world against Iran and Poland, lying and blaming the blame for the Holocaust from Germany on Poland.

No one reasonable in the nonsense of Jews will believe, because in Poland there is no anti-Semitism, we are very tolerant, and only the Germans and Austrians are responsible for the Holocaust, and the words of Benjamin Netanyahu only provoke and justify the world of aggressive and groundless claims of Israel towards Poland. Today, Israel is killing Palestinians is an anti-Semitic and Nazi state threatening the whole world.

Author: Iwona Sadowska
President of AD-REM – Association for social development and shaping civic attitudes. Polish director of documentary films, journalist, teacher. She graduated from several majors in the daily master’s studies, as well as doctoral studies at the University of Warsaw: She is the first Polish award winner in the category of full-length documentary films: Award of Merit at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood fall 2010 and Second Award Documentary Feature Famewalk International Film Festival Fall 2011 in Hollywood for the movie „Freedom like a flame.” The English premiere of this film took place in August 2010 in London, and the Polish premiere of this film took place in November 2010 in Żyrardów, and while the Polish premiere of the film was a great event at the Kultura Cinema in Warsaw in March 2011. The film had ceremonial shows in all European capitals cities, but for its TV premiere on TVP – after the festival screenings – it had to wait a very long time, as many as 7 years – until March 2019. The film director also produced over 50 film and television productions: documentary films, documentaries, feature films and television programs for TVP – among others „Luz”, „Bariery”, „In the world of silence”, „This is not fair”, „Trap”, „Almost Perfect Family”, „Błażej’s Bike” and many others dealing primarily with social problems, and mainly domestic violence and people with disabilities. The result of this work were numerous documentaries, including a film from a bicycle expedition to disabled people to France – „Bicycle Giant”. It was always at the heart of human rights, including the rights of the child, which resulted in cooperation with TPD and PTTK, under whose patronage she organized international bicycle rallies for the disabled and she was co-organizer of the first sports Olympiad in Poland for the Disabled, which took place at the University of Physical Education in Warsaw. This Olympiad was ceremonially opened by Mrs. Irena Szewińska. Iwona Sadowska, also as an opposition journalist, created a libertarian magazine in 1989, „Tygodnik Żyrardowski – Samorządność”, in which she informed the local society about the then changes in the country. She went to TVP in June 1985 from the Polish Radio, where she held journalistic practices in programs 3 and 4 under the watchful eye of the master – editor Krzysztof Górski. Previously, she studied journalism at the Institute of Journalism at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Sciences of the University of Warsaw, so she could later take postgraduate studies in television journalism, where her master was editor Andrzej Zaporowski, and the star of the documentary film director Alicja Albrecht. She also studied directing at the State Higher Film, Television and Theater School. Leon Schiller in Łódź. As part of the exchange of students, Iwona Sadowska went to study in the field of education through drama at the University of Athens, and in the field of teaching English at the University of London. As a PhD student, she completed a scientific internship in Norway – Nesna Univesity, where she lectured for teachers in the field of multimedia technologies. When she returned from her studies in England in 1994, there was a great demand for English teachers in the country, so she was very happy with her education because she had pedagogy at the University of Warsaw and she also did a specialization in rehabilitation – she worked with children autistic and children after cerebral palsy using the Bobath method – at that time she made a documentary instructional film for parents of PMD children so that they could work independently with their own child. Her wide interests and the speed of the world towards rapid technological development resulted in completing IT studies at the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw and postgraduate studies in distance learning – e-learning, without which it is difficult to feel safe in the Internet and navigate freely in the virtual world.